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Welcome to Festival Guides and Reviews!

Thank you so much for visiting Festival Guides and Reviews. If some of this looks familiar, it may be because you used to visit my first website, OhioFestivals.net, for festival listings and reviews for states outside of Ohio.

I’ve decided to give those states a new home at Festival Guides and Reviews, a more accurately named website, leaving Ohio’s festivals and events at the original site.


At Festival Guides and Reviews, you will find:

  • comprehensive Festival Guides for a growing number of states
  • Festival Reviews that talk about what each festival has to offer
  • Blog posts about my adventures in some of the states
  • weekly posts that explain what festivals are coming up
  • photos galore
  • and so much more!

Hopefully, this will make your festival searches a little easier.


If this is your first time visiting either of my websites…

Welcome! My name is Kristian and I’ve been reviewing festivals since 2009. So far, I’ve written at least 600 reviews in various US states, as well as Canada and Italy.

I’ve been to festivals celebrating everything from Bigfoot to Dean Martin, eaten food that included fried testicles, fried frogs, spoonbread and goetta, and have even entered myself in two food eating challenges…and failed miserably.

I pride myself on my comprehensive state festival guides, where you will find festivals grouped into weekly blocks and each with their run dates, city location and a link to the festival website so that you can get all the event information.

If I have a review for that festival, you will see “My Review” next to the listing with a link to that review.

Feel free to search for festival views through the Archive, where you can list reviews by category or state.

And if you know of a festival not listed, send me a message and I’ll add it!

Love, Peace and Funnel Cake Grease!


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