Super Fall Festival Weekend: September 28 – October 1, 2023

It’s another weekend of over 500 festivals with Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Black Bears, Elk, UFO’s, Sorghum, Molasses, Buckwheat and Lobster. This weekend, Festival Fans there are nearly 550 festivals. Many of them are Fall Festivals or Harvest Festivals or are of the Oktoberfest variety. So if you love Autumn, … Read more

Another Super Festival Weekend: September 21-24, 2023

Great Festivals this Weekend: Tina Turner, James Dean, Roadkill Cookoff, Dollywood Harvest Festival, World Chicken Festival, New Earth Festival, The Big Dill, Mayberry, the Wizard of Oz and more! Welcome back, Festival Fans. While the overall festivals may have dipped a little from 650 down to 580, there are still … Read more

Super Festival Weekend: September 14-17, 2023

650+ Festivals for another Mega Festival Weekend: the Mothman, FrankenFest, Pirates, Spoonbread, Peanuts, Oysters and more. Welcome back, Festival Fans. If you thought last weekend was a big festival weekend with over 500 festivals, hold onto your smartphone because this weekend is offering more than 650 Festivals. 650 Festivals! Pennsylvania … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: September 7-10, 2023

More than 500 Festivals this Mega Festival Weekend: Hippies, Bananas, Popcorn, Laura Ingalls, Cowpeas, Sputnik and more. Welcome back, Festival Fans. It seems too soon to be talking about festivals already, especially since Labor Day was only a few days ago. But here we are and the upcoming weekend is … Read more

2023 Oktoberfest and German Festival Guide

Your Guide for Oktoberfests and German Festivals Across Various States. For over 200 years, there have been annual celebrations that have begun with the wedding of Kronprinz Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in Munich in 1810. What started with horse races and other festivities has … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: August 24-27, 2023

End of Summer Festival Weekend and more festivals around the corner. It’s the end of the summer for most of you as kids are returning to school within a week or so (maybe many of your children are already back in school). Fortunately, that doesn’t mean the festivals are ending. … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: August 17-20, 2023

Since I’m away this week, my Upcoming Festival Weekend post is going to be a little different this time. It’s that time again, festival fans. But I’m away this week. So, while I had the time last week to create you a map, put together a post and analyze the … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: August 10-13, 2023

Eat your way through tons of food and cultural festivals – plus a few unique festivals to enjoy this weekend. August continues as states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are just overflowing with festivals this weekend. While looking through all the choices out there, I couldn’t help but … Read more

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