Upcoming Festival Weekend: June 23-26, 2022

Let’s format these weekly posts a little differently… Hello, festival fans! As festivals have been increasing in many of the states, you may have been a little overwhelmed with what’s all going on. I know that I have even been overwhelmed trying to look over all the states and sum … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: June 9-12, 2022

An incredible festival weekend with Superman, Beer Cheese, Route 66 and another Testicle Festival. Oh if only I had a private jet to jump around to all the festivals this weekend. There are some going on that I’ve always wanted to attend like Beer Cheese Festival in Kentucky, the Superman … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: June 2-5, 2022

Several states pick up their festival numbers, making it Summer Official! I’m really excited to share this weekend’s festival news as several states are obviously now entering festival season. The states that really show a difference this weekend are Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This will continue throughout the … Read more

Upcoming Memorial Day Festival Weekend: May 26-30, 2022

A weekend of Food Trucks, Cultural Games, Music and more! It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day Weekend is already here. While the summer has already begun for many, it won’t be much longer before summer break officially begins, followed by camps, family vacations and plenty of road trips…and all … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: May 19-22, 2022

Strawberries, Cornbread, Rhubarb, Wings and…Testicles? There’s an interesting selection of food festivals this weekend, festival fans… I’m talking specifically about the Testicle Festival in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, where $10 will get you all-you-can-eat Rocky Mountain Oysters to enjoy while listening to live music. But don’t worry – food trucks will be … Read more

Upcoming Festival Weekend: May 12-15, 2022

A weekend celebrating Bigfoot, Strawberries, Flowers, Pugs and the Wizard of Oz. Once again, there is a nice selection of festivals to check out with all sorts of flower festivals (Tulip, Lilac, Rhododendron, Daylily, Cherry Blossom, Peony, Apple Blossom, etc.), animal fests (Turtles, Lionfish, Pugs, Poultry, Pigs, Goats, Birds, Peacocks, … Read more